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Brexit: the biggest shit-show show-down of 21st Century UK politics. Whether you’re a Remainer of a Leaver, you’ll agree that the Tories, lead at first by David Cameron, then by Theresa May and now by Boris Johnson, have fucked it up. Now, it’s arguable that any party would have fucked it up, because indeed, when something is already fucked up, it is inevitable that to go through with it is, well, further going to fuck it up. Nevertheless, the incompetence shown by the Conservative party is staggering. Theresa May, in failing to secure her deal, resigned, and Johnson was elected by 160,000 Conservative party members (0.24% of the population). Let’s not forget who set this flaming ball of horse shit rolling — David Cameron called the referendum, and the day the results came in, promptly fucked off. As Danny Dyer asked in a television interview, ‘Where is David Cameron now? In Nice, with his trotters up.’ Great.

There are a million things you could read online about Brexit. About why it’s bad, why it’s good, who’s to blame, the deal and the threat of no deal. The argument about why the country voted to leave in the first place still circulates three years after the referendum; resonating the Trump/Hilary debate, Britain is a cocktail of disenchantment with the elitism of the system and misinformation provided by fear-mongering press and politicians. I’m not going to re-hash those arguments here today. Let’s talk about who wins, and crucially, who loses. Let’s establish who the Tories really are.

Thatcher. Consider Thatcher for a second. Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female Prime Minister and an infamously ruthless politician, drove the lives of the poor into the miserable ground. Pit closures, the selling off of council housing and cutting of funding for school meals are but a few examples of her evil; she won, and the poor lost. Thatcher’s supporters argue that Thatcher pulled the UK out of economical crisis, that her cuts were necessary means due to the state of the economy caused by the previous Labour government. My outrage is not that Thatcher made cuts, it’s that the cuts were made where there was nothing to give. The economical gain she brought to the country was at the expense of those who could not provide it. Things haven’t changed since Thatcher’s iron fist; we have learned in past nine years under conservatism that austerity hits the poor hard and the rich barely. Why is that? I mean, really, why is that? In 2011, Amazon (ugh, I fucking hate Amazon. Don’t even get me started on Jeff Bezos. No, really, don’t. We’ll be here for DAYS) paid just £1.8m in corporation tax, despite £3.35bn in UK sales that year. Between 2010 and 2011, food bank use in the UK more than doubled. Under Conservatism the rich win, and the poor lose. They lose badly. In fact, the term ‘lose’ feels too trivial, given that winning and losing is the structure of gameplay, and this is not a game. No, the lives of poor UK citizens aren’t a game at all, but boy, are the Tories dying to play.

Let’s fast forward from 2010 to 2019. Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister, and the date for our grand exit from the E.U is set; on October 31st, we’re going no matter what. It’s gonna be the spookiest Hallowe’en ever, with no need for costumes. Our reality has it covered. Yesterday, Johnson announced the prorogation of Parliament, which, in very basic terms, means that the recess Parliament will take this autumn has been extended. This sounds fairly banal, but is in fact a danger — in this strategy, Johnson prevents MPs from pushing through legislation that might prevent a no-deal Brexit. Many are calling it a coup. Basically, it’s a disaster, and a snatching of democracy from the hands of MPs. Meanwhile, record high of 1.6 million food bank uses were recorded between 2018 and 2019. Gyula Remes, the 43 year old Hungarian man who died on the steps of Parliament last year, was working as a chef’s assistant and yet remained homeless. Whatever happens in Tory politics, those at the bottom are shoved down. It appears that those at the top enjoy pointing fingers, taking each opportunity to smack each other, one over-confident and wealthy politician after another. The bottom line, however, is this: no matter what these people do, they will always be fine. They are the top of the food chain. David Cameron lead the UK off a cliff with the referendum, and can now retire, rich and peaceful, to live out his life with his family. Theresa May, unable to shed a tear for Grenfell victims but full of tears for herself, left No.10 and is no doubt resting up on a lovely sofa cushion somewhere. Johnson, no doubt, when all is said and done, will never truly struggle, and when these leaders have very little to lose, it comes as no surprise that they are reckless and unflinching in their hunt for vulnerable lives to squash.

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