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This is the second instalment of LOVE AND WAGE LABOUR IN THE AGE OF CAPITALIST PANDEMIC. These instalments are journal entries entitled with only their date. I wanted to try to document this time, the time of COVID-19. It struck me that I was having conversations with people who were all having unique experiences of this pandemic, and that most of these conversations, like all memories, would fall away. I wanted to document it. These are my experiences only. I hope you find something in them. – Madeleine

while people are starving, wealth

is a crime. I am not willing to argue.

if you are hungry, no laws apply.

glass breaks easily. weapons

can be made out of anything.

crime should not go unpunished.

the meaning of royalty

it too can be killed

– Sean Bonney – Confession 2

Write something even if it’s bad – if only this pandemic weren’t about money – dreams of a future life

Write something, even if it’s bad.

One of my colleagues is self isolating. I have told him he is okay, that this virus won’t really hurt him, that he’s fine. Even though I don’t know that for sure. He called me and said, ‘I wish I were scared of the virus. I’m scared of going fucking bankrupt. They’re refusing to pay me.’

Businesses have begun making announcements “about” COVID-19, or really about how they’ve ensured that their underpaid staff are washing the fuck out of their hands and still serving excellent smiles, all while being dedicated to risking their own health in order to provide top quality food and drink, no matter what! It’s fucking laughable to watch dirty people get off the tube, and order a coffee from me, and ask me if I’ve washed my hands. And business owners, the ones making cutesie announcements about wanting to keep their communities protected, are the same criminals who refuse to pay their staff who self isolate in order to protect their community. It would be so great if this epidemic* weren’t about money.

Speaking of money.

People will be bled dry by this thing. There won’t be anything left afterwards. The government will allow people to starve on isolation, just like they do all the fucking time, and people will lose their homes. Unless it breaks the glass, and the people break the glass. Just like Sean Bonney always wanted. We aren’t disposable.

* This journal was written before the COVID-19 outbreak was classed as a pandemic.

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