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About Seize Your Life


I am a writer living in London. Writing has always been an outlet, a sometimes joyous but often profoundly cutting way of self reflection for me. This site is, I suppose, a personal outlet as well as a political one. I began this site not to join the seemingly ever-fattening and often bland content culture, but to have a place to say the things that are on my mind in a somewhat organised fashion. With this never-ending piece of work I hope to find some structural way of shouting loudly about what I believe in.

Here you will find interviews, conducted as part of a series named Invisible Subjects. Invisible Subjects was born in my fascination with the seemingly ordinary. I was having drinks with a friend, a relatively new friend, and listening to her speak about her life. I told her she was so, so interesting – and she replied, ‘No, God, no! I’m really not.’ It struck me, then and there, that our lives are filled with people who can teach us all we need to know. People are all we’ve got. I’ll say it again – people are all we’ve got, to survive this planet and the wars that rage around and within us. So Invisible Subjects was born, an anonymous interview each week with a person – just any person – about their life. Through conducting these interviews, I have learned more about the complexities of human nature in the last few months than I ever thought I could.

Alongside Invisible Subjects, you’ll find opinion pieces and personal blogs (although those are few and far between). These are more focused on writing as myself, rather than giving space to others on this site, as I have done in my interviews. If you’d like to contribute or be involved in Seize Your Life, do contact me. I don’t bite. X



Instagram and Twitter: @goodegracious


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